The number one block to manifesting money

Ever have that feeling like there's nothing left? No way, there's no money, it just ain't gonna happen. So many of us, doulas, mamas, we are so passionate about our work, so much wanting to do the best for our families and our communities, and yet struggling constantly with money.   Living job to job, client to client - if we are so … Read More


The 12 Ancient Midwives

Guest Post by Paula Cleary In the last few dreamy weeks of pregnancy, the hormones swirling around a woman's body are slowly working to create the right … Read More


Birth story, birth truth

I'm a big believer in the power of words and of stories. Actually, it's not really belief - it's more an awareness of how powerful stories are and the words we use … Read More

They told me…

Guest post by Lora Willshaw "Be careful, take care, pay heed. Your baby's in danger. Your body may bleed." They … Read More